1. Download abpa-<version>.zip file, extract it to destination folder.
  2. Copy the following files to %windir%\system32:
    1. abpa_loader.dll
    2. ABPAEngine.dll
    3. detoured.dll
  3. Import abpa.reg file:
    1. Open regedit
    2. Goto File -> Import... and navigate to abpa.reg file
  4. Configure ABPA using abpaConfig.exe: please see Configuration page.


  • At the end of configuration step you will be able to start ABPA data collection.
  • Once activated, ABPA can collect data from newly opened applications only. In order to collect information for all applications it's recommended to restart the system.
  • In the same way: when disabling ABPA, please remember that the data will still be collected for applications already running with ABPA attached. Restarting the system will make sure ABPA is completely stopped.
  • It's recommended to first enable ABPA monitoring for single application (say, notepad.exe) and make sure that it works fine. Only after such test swith to system-wide monitoring.
  • Output files can be parsed using abpaDumpOutput.exe program, provided in installation package. For more advanced processing it's recommended to write your own parsing program.

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